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By checking in with The BikeFit Physio for a complete bike and body fit, you will get a professional assessment and treatment from a  therapist with a unique combination of clinical, cycling experience and nutritional knowledge.

John is a chartered physiotherapist and also an uber-keen cyclist since the days of the Raleigh Activator and BMX!  He combines his professional skills in the prevention and treatment of injuries and his qualification in nutritional science with a  personal understanding and interest in the demands and dynamics of cycling.

Using these attributes, John is in a position to offer a musculoskeletal screening assessment, physiotherapy treatment, appropriate rehabilitation exercises, sports nutritional advice for cyclists and the bike fit itself.  The result: a complete bike and body fit-out tailored to you.

If you’re looking for comfort and better cycling efficiency with your commute or looking to improve on your race or sportive results from last year, you can be confident that The BikeFit Physio will assist you in reaching these goals.

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Saddle tip to bottom bracket

The recent addition of the saddle pressure mapping system and high grade camera with specific bike fitting software from GebioMized has lifted my service up another level.  The saddle pressure mapping technology has the ability to detect high pressure zones when sitting on the saddle and give clear objective evidence of reducing this pressure through saddle adjustment.  This will play a big role in helping clients who complain of saddle sores.  It also shows if a rider is unstable on the saddle, i.e too much sway. This can be improved also leading to improved efficiency and power.

GebioMized have just recently manufactured their own range of saddles from the 15years of research using the saddle mapping technology.  These saddles are available at the clinic and can be tested using the pressure mapping device to ensure effectiveness before buying.

The Physio-led bike fit and nutritional advice will be carried out by myself, John Phelan.  I have completed Physio-led bike fit training courses under Paul Visentini, a specialist sports physiotherapist in bike performance in 2015, and more recently a cycling rehabilitation course under Robert Brown & Dan Guillemette (lead Physio at Team Sky).  I recently attended a course in Italy at the Australian Institute for Sport.  It was run by Paul Visentini and Borut Fonda.  The link to the course is here for anyone interested.  Borut is one of the leading researchers into bike fitting.

In October 2018, I attended the International Symposium for Cycling Optimisation held in Munster, Germany.  This was a 3 day event with speakers from around the world presenting their research in the science of cycling.