Options and Cost



The Physio bike fit service will take up to 2 hours and costs 160 Euro.

This option adopts the five steps of the physio bike fit.

  1. Chat around your cycling and your injury history over a good coffee.
  2. Musculoskeletal screening and physiotherapy treatment
  3. Physio-led Bike fit using video analysis and saddle pressure mapping software.  The GebioMized saddle pressure device is used in this physio bike fit to give more info and allow for more accurate saddle positioning or different saddle recommendations.  An important bike fitting tool if you are experiencing saddle soreness and/or numbness
  4. Tips on cycling posture, training and cycling technique
  5. A tailored exercise programme is prescribed and a pdf file displaying pictures of you on the bike and the bike fit measurements are emailed to you.

If you wish to bring in two bikes on the same day, the total will be 250 Euro and will take 3 hours.

The fully comprehensive physio bike fit will take 2 hours and costs 190 Euro

This option includes the physio bike fit above, plus

  • Your percentage body fat is measured using body fat calipers on the same day as your bike fit
  • Invitation to follow up online presentations, which will cover a variety of topics in the future.  You will also receive a link to the previous recorded presentations.  The last presentation looked at  the nutritional side of cycling and specific training advice.  This is delivered by myself.
  • Nutrition:
    – Understand what and how much to eat during a typical Sunday cycle
    – How that might differ to a more intense race or sportive situation
    – How to go about burning fat more efficiently for weight loss (fat adaptation)
    – Understand the concept of periodisation
    – Nutritional supplements that work
  • Training:
    – Understand the three energy systems used by the body.
    – Understand what lactate threshold is and how to measure it
    – Understand zonal training
    – The importance of recovery
    – Examples of effective training plans.  There’ll be plenty of opportunities to ask questions and get an informal chat going on the night.

The basic bike fit service is available at 110 Euro.  This is ideal for beginner cyclists looking to get started in the correct position on the bike.  It is not recommended for anyone who has any pain because it does not include any screening assessment, saddle mapping or physio treatment.  This bike fit will take 1 hour.


Follow up fittings with same bike within a year will cost 50 Euro.



cycling statues


Group Discount:  If 8 or more riders are interested; 120 Euro per person for individualised bike fit and musculoskeletal screening/physiotherapy at your desired location.

Remember to bring your cycling shorts, the shoes you cycle in, and the bike! 

Don’t need a bike fit, but in need of some physio?

  • Musculoskeletal screening and physiotherapy treatment : 55 Euro for 45mins.  Click here for more info.

Don’t need Physio, but would like a movement screening assessment only?

  • Musculoskeletal screening only : 45 Euro for 30mins    (This is a good option for someone with no symptoms, but is just looking to reduce their risk of injury and improve their muscular efficiency).  Click here for more info.

Just looking for a sports massage:

  • Full deep tissue massage and advice on recovery : 45 Euro for 30mins

Don’t need any of the above, and would just like a nutritional assessment and advice?

  • 90 Euro for 60mins.  This nutritional assessment will measure your body fat percentage using a body fat calipers.  It will also look at your current food choices and make changes where necessary.  By the end of this session, you will fully understand the reasons for these changes to your diet and be in a position to manage your own dietary intake for a weight-loss goal or just better management of your nutrition when it comes to cycling.
  • Follow up appointments will be 45 Euro for 30mins, discount available on batch bookings.
  •  Click here for more info.