VO2 Max Fitness Testing

A recent investment in a portable metabolic gas analyser, PNOE, has opened up a fitness testing service.

This test takes 40mins and comes with a detailed report on all the of following.

– Vo2 Max (ml/min/kg)
– Anaerobic threshold
– Peak fat burning zone
– Fat burning efficiency
– Metabolic efficiency
– Muscle type (Type 1 : Type 2)
– Respiratory and cardio fitness
– Breathing Quality

It is used to determine the health of your cardiopulmonary system, since a person’s Vo2peak (highest amount of oxygen inhaled in one breath  during exercise) is very closely linked to cardiovascular health.  The test has been shown to be able to detect cardiovascular disease early on.
This test will also measure the person’s breathing quality, as we know that hyperventilation effects 10-12% of the population and can lead to to dizziness, reduction in clarity and reaction times.
It also measures how mechanically efficient a person is at the activity (running/cycling).  This is something of interest to athletes as they seek to be more mechanically efficient (use less energy for the same work) whilst people looking to lose weight do not wish to become mechanically efficient, as this means they are burning less calories for the same effort.  Basically it tells us when the exercise plan for a weight loss client should be changed in order to avoid becoming too mechanically efficient.
It is also used for athletes to work out the heart rate zones that they can use during their exercise, as there is lots of strong science showing the benefit of working at various zones rather than always working at full intensity or always working at low intensities, in order to challenge the different energy systems of the body.  Use this test to discover what your heart rate or power output is when at your anaerobic threshold, where the body switches from aerobic metabolism to anaerobic metabolism, an important metric in scientific training and race tactics.
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