Stephen Connor, Clontarf, July 2016

Hi John,
I just wanted to says thanks for your advice and work during our recent appointment.

For everyone else here’s a bit of background and review of my experience with The BikeFit Physio.
I’ve had serious back problems for over 3 years and have spent several thousand euro’s on treatment, spent several hours inside mri scanners and had multiple injections. I have been following a S&C Weights rehab program for a year now, having reasonable results but felt that the underlying issue still remained and I was strengthening surrounding areas. The assessment from The BikeFit Physio confirmed the asymmetry in glutes/hips and bad movement patterns. The prescribed rehab exercises from The BikeFit Physio have gone back to basics to get me back in proper order. After a couple of weeks I’ve noticed good improvement and I am positive going forward. As a bonus John checked my bike fit and position. I can’t recommend John The BikeFit Physio highly enough.
Cheers, Stephen