The Physio Bike Fit Process

A Physio bike fit is an assessment of you and your bike.  The bike can be adjusted to fit you, but more importantly your body can be adjusted to fit your bike.

  • The bike fit process starts with a chat about the type of cycling you do, your injury history and your goals over a tasty coffee.
  • The physiotherapist-led movement and muscle screening will look at strength and flexibility of the appropriate muscles and joints. Physio treatment and advice will be used here at this stage, if needed.  This will be included in the fully comprehensive bike fit, putting it a step above a fit from a bike shop.
  • We then take measurements of your bike set up.  These measurements are adjusted, where possible, to allow you to be more comfortable on the bike.  We use recommended joint angle ranges to help reduce your risk of cycling related injuries.  Depending on your needs, we can aim to set you up towards the more aggressive end of the range or towards the more comfortable end.  The risk of over-use injuries are also greatly reduced by ensuring your musculo-skeletal system is performing sufficiently.
  • You will be recorded cycling your bike and video analysis is carried out to show any inefficiencies in your technique.  New GebiomiZed video software is used to carry out the dynamic bike fit.  A dynamic bike fit measures angles during motion, making it a more accurate bike fit compared to using static measurements only.  The software puts all your measurements into a neat pdf file and this will be emailed to you.
  • A home exercise programme addressing any deficiencies will be prescribed.
  • An additional extra :  Nutrition/Training and Body Fat Analysis.  If you so wish, you can have your percentage body fat measured on the day using a body fat calipers.  I have recorded an online presentation on nutrition specific to cyclists and scientific training.  The link to this will be forwarded to you and you will be invited to the next live online presentation.  The current presentation focuses on nutrition specific to cycling and also advice on how to train different energy systems in the body in order to get an overall positive training effect.