Physio Bike Fit

Physio bike fit includes the following:
  1. Chat about your cycling, training, goals and injury history over a tasty Nespresso coffee!
  2. Full cycling specific movement and muscle screening
  3. Assessment of pelvic stability and flexibility
  4. Optimal setting of seat height, seat fore/aft position, seat handlebar drop, and TT aerobar positioning
  5. Joint angle determination by video analysis (side view)
  6. Saddle pressure measurement, optimization of saddle position
  7. Comparison of print and video images before and after
  8. Analysis and explanation of results with exercise recommendations based on screening results
  9. Saddle map data used to guide correct pad size when buying bibshorts.

Duration: 2-2.25hours, 190Euros

The Physio bike fit is recommended for cyclists carrying any injury or nagging symptoms, including saddle soreness when cycling.  It is also ideal for cyclists looking to take a step forward in performance.

If you wish to bring in two bikes on the same day, the total will be 250 Euro and will take 3 hours.