Paul Carroll from Rebike, Sept 2016

I recently had a combined physio and bike fit session with John and found it to be extremely beneficial. I have been a cyclist for over 30 years and in recent years have had to curtail my cycling due to ongoing debilitating back problems, which culminated in surgery. As a result of this, I had subconsciously developed bad habits when cycling to guard my back, to the detriment of other muscle groups etc., which only led to more problems.
John quickly identified these issues through physio examination and video analysis of me on the bike, and has guided me on what I can do to return to previous fitness levels and achieve my long-term cycling goals; he has also provided comprehensive nutritional advice to help me achieve these goals.
I found John to be courteous, professional and above all, very approachable and more than willing to answer all my questions. He has also kept in contact to check-in on my progress. In the short space of time since my first appointment, I have already doubled the distance I can cycle, without suffering any pain or physical problems afterwards. I look forward to working with John to achieve my future cycling plans and would have no hesitation in recommending him and the services he provides.