Nutritional Advice for Cyclists

Good nutrition will enhance your cycling performance, whether you’re commuting to work or working on your hill climbs.

As part of the fully comprehensive physio-led bike fit, you will have the opportunity to have your percentage body fat measured using calipers.  This will allow you to set realistic goals.  The follow up group presentation at the end of every month will look at the nutritional side of cycling and the different training styles to tax the different energy systems used by the body.  These will be small groups, so it will be open to questions and answers throughout the presentation.  There will be an emphasis placed on educating and improving your understanding of nutrition related to cycling, so that you can make your own informed decisions regarding your diet.  Topics such as the following will be covered:

  • Food and hydration on the bike
  • Weight loss
  • Fat adaptation
  • Effects of caffeine and other ergonic aids
  • ATP, anaerobic and aerobic glycolysis : what they are and what they mean for your training
  • Recovery

One to One nutritional consultation:

Here you will get the opportunity to speak openly about your diet and we can go through it in detail.  You will learn the “why” certain food choices and eating times can negatively impact on your dietary goals, this way you will be able to reduce the incidence of the same repeated mistakes happening in the future.  You can have your body fat percentage measured and it can be reassesed in six months with a goal in mind.  You will improve your understanding of the different energy systems used by the body, which will help you to pick the right foods at the right time.  Same goes for your approach to training on the bike,  by knowing how the energy systems operate, your training will become much more specific.  This means better results in less time.

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