Fully Comprehensive Bike Fit

Fully comprehensive bike fit includes:
  1. All services from the Physio bike fit
  2. Physiotherapy treatment for any complaint
  3. Body fat percentage is measured using calipers
  4. Tips on using cycling to aid weight loss are discussed
  5. Recorded online presentation on cycling specific nutrition and scientific training is emailed to client
  6. Invite to future online group presentations on various topics such as, strength training for cyclists, cycling and running injury prevention, burning fats more efficiently on the bike, etc.

Duration: 2.5-3hours, 220Euros

List of topics discussed in the recorded online presentation above:

  • Nutrition:
    – Understand what and how much to eat during a typical Sunday cycle
    – How that might differ to a more intense race or sportive situation
    – How to go about burning fat more efficiently for weight loss (fat adaptation)
    – Understand the concept of periodisation
    – Nutritional supplements that work
  • Training:
    – Understand the three energy systems used by the body.
    – Understand what lactate threshold is and how to measure it
    – Understand zonal training
    – The importance of recovery
    – Examples of effective training plans.