Colin Donohue, Ironman Athlete, Aug 2016

About 1 month out from an Ironman I developed bad knee pain when cycling which would have ended my race only for John’s expertise. I didn’t know whether I needed a physio or a bike fit so Google did its job in finding me both mixed into one. After a session with John I was riding pain free when a week earlier I couldn’t go 20km without ending up with difficulty walking up stairs. John is an excellent physio and can apply this really well to the bike fit in order to make sure you are comfortable and injury free. I managed to cross the finish line in Ironman Kalmar in a slow and steady 13hrs 32mins absolutely pain free only 2 weeks after this session with John. Fair play John, I’ll be back again in before Killarney Adventure Race.

All the best


Ironman Sweden Finish Line